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Puzzled by all the conflicting religious doctrines today? We have a new on-line course focusing on how to interpret the Bible to determine what God wants you to do. Sign up for our free Bible Study Course and go through a beneficial series of eight lessons that will teach you some valuable truths from the Bible.

Need an overall introduction to the Bible? Check out our latest Bible survey for beginners with over lessons. Since , the Bible Questions website has been dedicated to providing Bible-based answers to your Bible-based question s.

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As an older Christian who has read and taught the Bible for many years, I can say there is much good to glean from this resource. A lot to chew on Frankly, I stand a better chance of finding my answer via Got Questions website with an online search.

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But the minute I use the exact same search string online, I almost without exception find it on the Got Questions website. And yes, I understand about extraneous words in my search strings.

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Blessings to your staff and your efforts. Well organized, so many questions and answers people have already asked, you'll find yourself wanting to check out more and more topics of things you've thought about in the past, forgot, but seeing all the different questions others have already asked, you'll easily find answers that spark your curiosity to check out more!


The answers are put together by a team of people that have done, and continue to research and find information and their references to share with people who are curious and want answers in an easy to understand way. Do they say they know it all?

No, but this team of people are really trying to do their best and I feel they are seeking guidance from God for wisdom in how they come up with answers. After All they are accountable before God to not lead anyone astray.


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They are doing a great job and if you have something they don't know, that's ok, pray about it and ask God to give you wisdom and seek God above all anyway, this is a good basic beginning place to get some basic questions and answers. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad.