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He held his battleships, escort carriers, cruisers and destroyers to an undeviating course through the dangerous waters of the Mindanao and Sulu seas and within easy striking distance of about hostile aircraft. Fighting off savage aerial onslaughts, he directed a continuous, accurate bombardment of coastal defenses, providing effective protection for our ground forces throughout the landing operations.

His services in directing bombardments of Tinian and Leyte earned for him his first and third Legion of Merit. As commander of a fire support group he continued to direct a devastating bombardment of the Sunharon section of Tinian despite heavy damage to his flagship and his own painful wounds. At Leyte, as commander of a battleship division he assisted in the invasion plans and provided continuous, heavy bombardment of the enemy's positions.

By his skill and courage under repeated and vigorous night and day aerial attacks, he aided in holding the damage to the forces of which the Massachusetts was a unit to a minimum. For his direction of this command, Admiral Ruddock was awarded a gold star in lieu of a second Legion of Merit. Rush back and restrict all the qualified swimmers to the starboard side of the ship! Swimming through dangerous, debris-laden waters, he reached the valve and was in the act of closing it when additional hits in the engine room caused his death. Polk's initiative, resolute determination and unwavering devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the naval service.

Courageously advancing alone under a withering barrage from Jap machine guns, he succeeded in treating and carrying back, unaided, four of the wounded men before he himself was fatally struck down by a burst of enemy fire. Despite the constant danger from further imminent detonations and enemy aerial attack, he fearlessly boarded the Princeton in the face of raging flames. Directing his men with skill and superb courage, he succeeded in extinguishing a number of fires before he was recalled to his own ship as a large group of enemy aircraft again approached his task force and contact with an enemy submarine was reported.

When the Birmingham subsequently returned alongside the Princeton, he continued his valiant efforts until he was mortally wounded during a sudden violent explosion in the magazine section of the crippled vessel. Undaunted in the face of relentless, devastating antiaircraft fire, he rendered gallant service during the bitterly fought engagement in which all carriers, a light cruiser and a destroyer of the enemy's task force were sunk and heavy bomb and torpedo damage inflicted on battleships and other important naval units.

With cruiser units deployed in a flanking maneuver as tactically disposed destroyer units initiated a series of deadly torpedo attacks against a formidable column of Jap battleships, cruisers and destroyers advancing under cover of darkness, he directed his powerful gun batteries with precise timing in a sudden, coordinated attack. Delivering a smashing naval bombardment, he surprised the enemy and put him to rout. Subsequently retiring from the furious engagement which resulted in the sinking of two Jap battleships and three destroyers, Capt. Roberts' forceful leadership, brilliant professional ability and indomitable determination in the face of tremendous odds, contributed essentially to the decisive defeat of an aggressive enemy force.

The strike in which he participated resulted in serious damage to the ship. Simmons led his bazooka section to assist the troops being attacked. With extremely cool courage he brought his men through the darkness over open fields to contact the enemy, although subjected to intense fire all along the route. Soon after engaging the Jap tanks, one of his men was severely wounded.

Seeing three enemy tanks approaching simultaneously, Simmons manned the wounded marine's weapon and scored hits on all three vehicles. During this outstanding display of accuracy and speed, he exposed himself continuously to intense enemy machine-gun, mm.

His courageous conduct assisted materially in repulsing the Japs on this occasion.

Carrier units of his force penetrated deep into the waters of the enemy homeland and Nansei Shoto, inflicting severe damage upon enemy aircraft, shore installations and shipping. As the officer in command of the operations for the capture of Iwo Jima and Ryukyu positions, including Okinawa, his forces met and overcame desperate enemy resistance.

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His outstanding professional ability and sound judgment were extremely valuable factors in the seizing of important military objectives with a minimum loss of lives and material to our forces. His initiative, leadership and fighting spirit assured the success of our operations and prepared the way for further strikes against the enemy.

His coolness, quick thinking and outstanding leadership resulted in the sinking of a Jap aircraft carrier, a light cruiser and two destroyers, the heavy damaging of a large and a small carrier and two destroyers, and the damaging of a battleship in action off Luzon. His outstanding performance which kept our own losses to a minimum won for him a gold star in lieu of a second Navy Cross.

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The Silver Star Medal was awarded for his fighter plane attack in the Central Philippines when he destroyed enemy planes in aerial combat and caused serious damage to a merchant ship. As leader of a fighter sweep in the same area he destroyed three enemy planes in the air and two more on the ground.

For this action he won a gold star in lieu of a third Distinguished Flying Cross. He was awarded the Air Medal for meritorious acts as pilot of a carrier-based fighter plane in action against enemy land bases and shipping throughout the Central Pacific from 19 May to 24 Sept.

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He operated his command efficiently and with forceful determination, accomplishing the capture of Angaur on 17 September with minimum loss of life and, within three days, clearing the island of all but a small group of Jap defenders. When a change in strategy made the capture of Ulithi more urgent, Rear Admiral Blandy effectively revised his original plans and, by his outstanding professional skill arid distinguished leadership, achieved his objective on 23 September, making available a fleet base of vital importance to the success of future naval operations.

He applied keen intelligence and resourceful initiative to the complexities of his assignment and, working with tireless energy, planned and organized a greatly enlarged service of supply which enabled him to provide personnel, provisions, fuel and ammunition for all fleet operations. An extremely able administrator, he also planned the requirements for each proposed new base and, in addition, acted for the Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, in supervising matters relating to the maintenance of ships of the fleet.

By his keen foresight, decisive judgment and tenacious determination in the fulfillment of an urgent mission, he contributed essentially to the efficiency of combined operations and to the success of our war effort in the Pacific Area. He displayed exceptional ability in organizing and training the forces under his command into a smoothly functioning unit and in formulating plans for the invasions, working tirelessly and with meticulous attention to the most minute details incident to our landing operations.

A master of amphibious warfare, deeply imbued with the spirit of combat, he maintained his force at the peak of battle efficiency, contributing immeasurably to the successful accomplishment of the missions assigned to his command, with minimum loss in personnel and material.

His outstanding professional skill, daring aggressiveness and valiant devotion to duty throughout were essential factors in the success of our sustained drive toward a fanatic, determined enemy. The award was made prior to Admiral Royal's death aboard his flagship in June. Louis, Mo. First award:.

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Paul, Minn. B, 1st Btn. The burgee pennant design right for units cited is drawn to scale. Colors are same in both. First 8 war patrols, 7 Dec - 25 April dates for patrols not announced. Service Troops 2nd, 6th, 8th, 10th and 18th Marine Regiments 18th U. Naval Construction Battalion.

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Badger and VC-9 T. Badger , Clemson and VC-9 T. Robinson and VC T. Task Unit Gino J. Shop by brand. Product search. My account. Store finder. Star Buys. Sold Out Sorry, this product is currently unavailable online. Your local store may have stock of this product: Store Finder. More from USN Items in basket. If anyone can add to the table below, please e-mail timcolton aol. Original Name.

Original Owner. Built in Camden by Mathis Yacht Building.

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Gas Yacht. Later Kemah. William Disston. Later Golden Days. Arthur C. Power Boat. Sybilla II. John F.