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Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. Continue the series. See more. Lovely in Her Bones. Sharyn McCrumb. Those who like sardonic wit, slightly bent characters, and good fun will love Lovely in Her Bones. And when she mixes a little modern know-how with some old-fashioned suspicions, Elizabeth comes up with a batch of answers that surprise even the experts.

Highland Laddie Gone. But the innocent ethnic fair is cursed when the loathed Colin Campbell is found murdered. Then a second murder silences everyone's bagpipes for good. Enter Elizabeth, who make short work of her search for motive and murderer. Windsor Knot. A Royal entertainment. The Flatland South is very different from the Mountain South. The Flatland South was settled primarily by the English, by people who didn't mind neighbors, who liked living in community.

I've always joked that the mountain people don't work and play very well with others. He was a young second lieutenant in World War II. Miss Helen was dating the entire officer corps from Camp Davis. When it came his turn to go to dinner, her mother put out all the silver and crystal and linen and served fried chicken and homebaked biscuits and green peas and rice.

Arwood took it all, then reached for the cream and sugar In the mountain culture, the Scots-Irish people saw rice as a grain and used it as a breakfast cereal like oatmeal or porridge; in the flatland South, people put gravy on their rice So right there, the cultural chasm was defined. The unwritten rules were more important than the written rules. My father was a mountain man from the mountains of western North Carolina; when he was small, his parents moved to east Tennessee, a distance of only about twenty miles.


Sick of Shadows

His ancestors on his mother's side came to western North Carolina in My great, great, great grandfather, Malcolm McCourry, deserves his own mini-series; he was kidnapped from the island of Isla in the Hebrides in and taken to sea as a cabin boy on a sailing ship. He later became an attorney in Morristown, New Jersey, served as a quartermaster during the American Revolution, and finally settled in western North Carolina within a few miles of the Tennessee line.

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I grew up with all these wonderful stories of relatives finding lost silver mines and running away from armies during the Civil War. This honor, designed to recognize and honor the achievements of women who have made important contributions to Virginia and America, both past and present. Dale ;. Elizabeth Baird Hardy. Christopher Golden- St.

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    Living Historians , Ed. Cara Modisett. She takes feminism to a whole new level.

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    Sissy : I know how it is to be shorter than your average sixth grader and not be taken seriously. Sissy : How can you feel empowered when you go up to the counter in some retail establishment and it hits you about nose level? I get A. I think I shall start calling myself S. Bubby : S.

    Sick of Shadows

    Sounds like a new type of synthetic fabric! Really, at your age you should have achieved some sort of closure about your lack of stature. I shall have to get you a shirt that I saw someone wearing the other day. Sissy : I have one.

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    Bubby : I fail to see how that is relevant, except as an expression of your ongoing mental state. Sissy : Speaking of which, the characters in these books are just crazy enough to be highly entertaining. Siss y : In the last few books the author shows a great understanding of the angst of middle-aged womanhood, which Bubby is in denial about. Bubby: Not so!