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Jesus unleashed in us overpowers temptations, mortifies sin, and liberates us from every bondage. His word begins to sanctify us and we find more and more areas of our lives useful to Him. That is the power of Christ in me, the hope of glory. As Paul sat to write to the Colossians, he was writing to a group of saints swimming each day against in the strongest imaginable currents of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

What did St Paul say about women?

One day the great Church leader Augustine was walking down the street when one of the prostitutes of his past life spotted him and ran to him calling out his name. Everything starts with justification, as we by faith reach out and receive the power of the justifying death of Jesus Christ in our place on the Cross.

Sanctified living is understanding that the death of Christ on the Cross opens for me Christ living out through me each day. Sanctification requires our participation, our obedience, our responses—and that is what Paul lays down before us in Colossians 3. Just before we read what Paul wrote, may I again remind you of the two sides of the coin of salvation. To best understand what Paul is asking us to do in Colossians let me contrast and explain justification and sanctification. Justification is what Christ did for me on the cross— sanctification is what Christ is doing in me because of the cross.

Justification is immediate and was completely finished in me the instant I was saved— sanctification is an ongoing process never completed on earth until I meet Jesus face to face at death or His coming. Justification is activated the moment I trust in the Person of Christ Jesus and His finished sacrifice of the cross— sanctification grows with each obedient choice I make empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Listen to Paul say that because you are saved justified this is how you should live sanctified , as we stand and read Colossians and then pray.

This process begins the instant you are converted and will not end until you meet Jesus face-to-face. Through the work of His Spirit, through the power of His word and fellowship with other believers, God peels away our desires for sin, renews our minds, and changes our lives. Sanctification is about our own choices and behavior. It involves work.

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We fight sin. We flee temptation. We press on; we run hard in the pursuit of holiness. Colossians 3 is built around 14 imperative commands. We read our Bibles. We pray. We meditate on Scripture. We memorize Scripture. We share the gospel. We serve in our church.

We fast. God commands us in His Word to do many things, and our obedience is both pleasing to Him and brings His blessing to our lives. But not one adds to our justification, our standing before God, our eternal life.

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Only grace sustains lasting change and sanctification. Through the cross we overcome not only the guilt of sin, but the power of sin as well [2]. If then you were raised with Christ justified , seek those things which are above , where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. When the Christian was baptized, he put off his old clothes when he went down into the water and when he emerged he put on a new and pure white robe.

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We put off the old self and put on the new self, just as the candidate for baptism puts off his old clothes and puts on the new white robe. Follow us:. Listen Now. Before Paul wrote this letter to the Christians in Colossae, he had never been to their city Colossians This helps explain the personal greetings he included at the end of the letter, a practice he usually reserved for letters to churches he had not visited for example, Romans.


Paul sought to develop personal connections with the people he hoped to teach and serve, rather than just going around from city to city asserting his apostolic authority. In AD 60—61, during his first imprisonment in Rome, Paul penned this letter to the Colossian church after he had received a report that they were struggling with a christological heresy. Epaphras had come to Rome in part to serve Paul during his imprisonment Philemon but also to confide in him regarding the dangerous teachings the Colossians were hearing.


So Paul sent this letter, along with the letters to Philemon and to the Ephesians, with Tychicus, accompanied by Onesimus Colossians ; Philemon — The church at Colossae was under attack from false teachers who were denigrating the deity of Jesus; they were teaching that He was not actually God.

Though Paul had never been to the church itself, he addressed these issues head-on. The nature of Jesus Christ as Creator and Redeemer was nonnegotiable, so Paul wrote to them that he might bring his wisdom to bear on this difficult and trying situation. It was critical to him that this church know God in His greatness and glory, rather than in the deficient view given them by the false teachers Colossians ; —2. Paul presented Christ as the center of the universe, not only as the active Creator but also as the recipient of creation—in His taking on of human flesh.

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Christ was and is the visible image of the invisible God, containing within Himself the fullness of Deity Colossians Because of His divine nature, Jesus is sovereign, above all things with an authority given Him by the Father. As such, Jesus is also Head over the church. He has reconciled all things to Himself through His death on the cross, making believers alive to God and setting them on the path to right living.