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Other mail order outside the U. Manufacturer's own website. Race Expo. View Results. Login required to started new threads Login required to post replies. Quote Reply. Post 1 of 73 views. The doctors say you can run with one, but do not recommend it, because they do not know how long the replacement will last. Re: is anyone running with a hip replacement? Post 2 of 73 views. Not what you want to hear I am sure, but you should listen to your doctors who don't recommend it.

It's a mechanical device, subject to wear and loosening, and if it has to be redone, it requires more bone to be removed and just generally becomes technically more difficult and more invasive. Especially if you are young you will want to get as many years as you can out of your new hip. Post 3 of 73 views. I've coached someone with a hip replacement through at least 2 seasons and an IM or two.

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She got into ultra's as well. So doable? Post 4 of 73 views. A friend from Central Florida has had both hips done At 69, he's still one of the faster guys in Although a bit slower this year after also having a knee repaired Getting old kinda sucks sometimes Remember Luddites are people too Post 5 of 73 views.

After two total hip replacements, patient completes a marathon | OrthoIndy Blog

Keep your hip if you at all can. What's the matter? Does it just hurt? Or is it nonfunctional? Stop running and keep your hip for as long as you can still walk around with it. Think about this. Think long and hard before you pull the trigger. Artificial joints do not heal the way naturals do, obviously.

They wear out and need replacing.

Running after joint replacement

Yes the second replacement is much more tricky than the first. Doctors do not typically suggest more than two replacements of the same joint in a lifetime.

How running causes hip injuries - and what to do about it

Figure the artificial joint may last 10 or 15 years. At your young age there's a good chance you'd be replacing the thing at least once again. Post 6 of 73 views. Post 7 of 73 views. Post 8 of 73 views. Don't discount the "high" that long-distance walking and hiking will give you. Patient of mine did miles over 21 days in France, six weeks after his total hip arthroplasty anterolateral approach. Post 9 of 73 views. Post 10 of 73 views. Whoa, TD slow down. If you get a total hip replacement, you will never run again. The joint can not handle it.

You're getting incorrect information here. Total hip, mini hip, ceramic hip; you can not run, period. I am now at 11 months after bilateral hip resurfacing and I have been running for the last 5 months. It all feels good, I'm starting to get a little faster and I plan to run my first 5K race soon. I was away from running for three years. This picture shows the difference in the two hips: The one on the left is a resurfacing, HR.

It has a large steel ball and a steel cup.

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They also leave most of your femur intact. The one on the right is a total hip replacement, THR. The cut off the top of the femur, leaving much less of your original bone. It also has a small steel ball and a polyurethane cup.

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It will never hold up to what we like to do. Let me know if you'd like to talk about this. I have nothing to do with the medical profession, but I've learned quite a lot about hips in the last couple of years. Post 11 of 73 views. I got a new hip anterior approach last July because the pain of running, biking, sleeping, etc. Age 42 weight I went in to the surgery very strong and lean and recuperation went surprisingly well.

I was walking a mile a day within a week. I stacked boxes so I could get on my bike trainer within a week. Biked every day starting with about 2 minutes and building from there. Within two months I was riding almost as strong as pre-op and with no pain. More broadly, in a review of relevant studies , Dr.

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Zeni and a colleague looked at outcomes among far more people with hip replacements participating in a variety of sports, including running, and found that such activities did occasionally result in dislocations, fractures, loosening of the prosthesis, and the scraping off and scattering within the body of metal fragments. But there was little evidence that most people with hip replacements who take up running will experience such calamities. The upshot, Dr. I have been told the same.

It's a little bit of a shock as I am only 38 and have three young children. Again info we are given is confusing I was told not to do more that 10K runs, but jogging and also breast stroke swims were fine. Mic Report jenny wendelin Posted 3 years ago. My surgeon is a runner and has told me I'll be ok to jog a little, off road, and in cushioned shoes. I'm a runner marathon distance was my favourite and don't expect to be able to get back to 'normal' but that's okay! I haven't had my surgery yet - 28th October - but am hoping for a good recovery and a pain free life.

Good luck for your continued recovery. I am 11 days post op with total replacement of right hip. This was posterior procedure with no complications. I am walking at a steady pace miles each day along with PT exercises.