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While, for some, FanStory is just a beginning, for me it has been a continuation of the writing life I have always loved. Along the way, it has brought unexpected benefits, such as writing classes taught by the late Alvin T. Ethington, followed by an invitation to join seventeen other women poets all FanStory members at the time in "Pieces of Her Mind", published in Now, I am happy to introduce my second book, which is just off the press.

Both books contain many of the poems I've posted right here on FanStory, and both are currently available at Amazon. Funk mumsyone was published April, For many years I allowed my family members and friends to read my poetry and prose, but because writing wasn't their talent and they didn''t know any better they praised everything I wrote. I knew then that if I wanted to know the true nature of my ability, I had to put my work in front of good writers in order to receive critical feedback and instruction.

I began to search the internet for a site where I could post my work. I found many sites disappointing: There were technical difficulties and most of the posted writings were not even recent; it was as if the writings were ghosts left behind to haunt the abandoned site due to sheer frustrations on the part of its writers. Suddenly good fortune smiled as I stumbled upon FanStory. The name, though as plain as the nose on my face, puzzled me at first. But I soon learned that it was the appropriate name. I posted my first poem and right away received feedback from outstanding writers and instructors.

I was impressed. I was also arrogant for a while, but soon learned humility and accepted their critique and suggestions. Here I was getting comments from some of the most prolific writers I had ever known. And it taught me the proper way to review others work as well.

I can truly say that since being a member of the FanStory family, my writing has improved one hundred percent and rising.

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Randall has been published and is listed on Amazon. Although the first draft is still posted on FanStory, the book has gone through numerous editing and rewriting, and it has been released in paper back and E-book.

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In the near future, I plan to publish the thriller in audio. Thanks FanStory fans for all of your help in making my first fantasy thriller a reality. God bless you. Randall, published February About two years ago, I wrote an essay for FanStory called "Bui Doi," about my experiences as an adoption worker during the fall of Vietnam and the time of the Operation Babylift. I recently learned that it will be published in "Adoption Today" next April, the 40th anniversary of the Babylift. The support and encouragement I've received here has been invaluable.

Some of the critiques can be harsh, but these are always the ones that teach me the most. I'm so grateful to have found this site, and for the many friends I've made here. Many of the authors are very professional, and they inspire me every day. Most of all, this site has kept me writing, and engaged, and in touch with others who also aspire to write and hopefully see publication.

Many, many thanks to all of you who have offered your reviews, critique, and especially your encouragement to keep writing. This can be a lonely business, at times. I would recommend this site to any who are looking for inspiration, encouragement and support. When I started writing, just over two years ago, FanStory was the place I chose to share my first story. From my very first post, I started learning.

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The feedback was eye opening and illusion shattering. Reality beckoned! I had hoped to be an immediate success; the new Julia Donaldson or Roald Dahl! I quickly realized this was going to be hard work, and I needed to wise up. One of my first posts was "Florrie the Paci Fairy".

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It was way too long, lacked direction, and the writing could've been a lot better. Reviewer after reviewer contributed with wonderful suggestions. Two years later, after a couple of re-posts, I've managed to finally produce something I'm happy with. It was one of the most exciting days of my life when I finally allowed myself to give it the green light.

Reading my book to my boys for the first time was one of the greatest moments of my life. Closely followed by when they asked me to read it again!

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Anthony Crosbie, published August of For anyone wondering whether or not FanStory is worthwhile, when I first joined, I didn't even know the definition of a speech tag. I spent three years writing an insane amount of content mostly short stories , knowing that the reviews would help me polish my skills. Since then, I have written for Yahoo! Finance, and many of those articles made the Yahoo! Basically, it led to a career. Like many of you, my passion is fiction. I will also publish Mindful of Tricks soon. Overall, FanStory is better than any college writing course by a landslide.

There is nowhere else in the world where you will receive such high-quality and immediate feedback. Experience is everything.

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I stumbled onto FanStory by accident last January and decided to try it out. Little did I know I had just signed up for the wildest ride of my life!

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Without FanStory, I can definitely say that this book would never have happened! I'm so grateful to all I learned and all you taught me. Thank you, thank you FanStory! I'm really glad to have found such a wonderful writing site as FanStory and wish to express my appreciation!

When I joined FanStory, I decided to post some poems for review and was amazed at how quickly feedback appeared. Getting feedback is helpful, encouraging and rewarding and really gives a boost. It's also fun being able to take part in contests from time to time or respond to writing prompts as this gives writers a challenge and is all good practice too. I was pleased to win a contest within weeks of joining. The talent of writers and poets on the site is absolutely amazing! There is so much wonderful variety in the forms and styles of poetry presented and I've learned so much.

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This is truly a great place to share with like-minded people and I've made some wonderful friends! There's a sense of community and friendship. I think the friendly atmosphere makes people feel comfortable about sharing life experiences. Such sharing is also nice because we can keep one another in our thoughts and prayers regarding life challenges.

click The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate and one of the things I really enjoy is the opportunity to give poems a nice presentation through the facility to upload images or photos and to add background colour. Although imagery is a key element in poetry, lovely features like this really do enhance poems. If there are any queries, contacting FanStory support staff is very easy and the responses are quick and helpful. I've been particularly inspired spiritually in writing poems of faith and am grateful to God to have been able to recently publish my first book of inspirational poetry entitled "Forever Grateful", which is available on Amazon.

I'm very thankful also for the encouragement of friends I made through FanStory, who are also published poets, when preparing my book for publication. I thank God for the writing gift He has given us all to share and for the talented creators of Fanstory - a great site which is truly a channel of blessing to many. Christine Mitchell expressions9. Like so many of the writers and reviewers on this site, I have found the writing community on FanStory to be a great source of encouragement and mentoring. The writers have shown me new possibilities and the reviewers have exhibited honest and caring interest in helping me to improve my writing skills.

I am pleased to announce the publication of four of my poems including "Daddy's Home! Lorraine Benedetto a. More often than not, writing is a lonely pursuit, a passion driven by the desire to dream.