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Daisychains of Silence , by Catherine MacLeod. The opening sequence, too, hooks and engages the reader; juxtaposing the colourful picture of Daisy sewing beside her mother with the dramatic image of her stitching together her lips. There are numerous other strengths in the plotting of and characters in the narrative. Equally, I liked the parallel storylines of the young and the old Daisy. The underlying concept is strong; for the most, your characterisation is vivid and fresh and your setting is rich. I genuinely wish you all the best progressing with this novel.

Daisychains of Silence by Catherine MacLeod | indie e-book review

Part One weaves between the s and Part Two is set almost entirely in the present day. Daisy keeps it all inside, but she has had enough. Forbidden contact with her family, she determines to build her life from scratch, based on honesty not lies. All goes well for twenty five years, till her husband faces a crisis of his own.

Daisy reverts to old ways of coping as betrayal and family secrets are exposed, loosening the threads woven so tightly into the fabric of her life. Ellen is losing her already shaky grip on reality. If Daisy is ever to find out the truth, she must do it now. It illustrates how forgiveness transcends all hurts. All Rights Reserved.

Daisychains of Silence is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. The author asserts the moral right under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act to be identified as the author of this work. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Comments feed for this article. November 12, at pm. This is great. I do get carried away and write all sorts of other things on it, and have since created 2 other blogs, but hey, this keeps me writing. November 14, at am. Shayne Parkinson. December 9, at pm. As you know I have read earlier versions and this novel is one of only a handful of my recommendations — the Ace in the pack. You handle first-person with the same sublime voice that captivated and inspired me to write more evocatively and from the heart.

But hey! You are a born writer who captivates even the off-genre reader from the very first paragraph. January 29, at pm. Simon Swift. Such a great book cannot stay unpublished for much longer. Great site, by the way! Simon x. October 11, at pm. October 24, at pm.

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November 1, at pm. Just downloaded Daisychains from amazon, Diana. It looks fabulous on my Kindle. November 20, at pm. November 24, at am. Jo Carroll. You are commenting using your WordPress. Because in this novel, the shifting narrative voice, which would confuse a standard romance plot, actually enhances the readers understanding of the complexity of human relationships. MacLeod makes the point that the stages of lives do not emerge with clarity until there is a moment of retrospective analysis and Daisy manages to achieve this, owning up to her own shortcomings along the way with an insight unfamiliar to the standard romance heroine.

The underlying structure is sound, despite some of the complexity, and the ending reaches a conclusion which satisfies and explains. More than that, we feel that Daisy has understood her life in a new way. The embroidered daisychain motif running through the novel achieves a similar note.

Daisychains of Silence

MacLeod really makes you think what the significance of such symbolism is. What does this mean?

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What does it really mean — not just to Daisy but to all of us. And that, I think, is why this novel has found such success with readers.

The Sound of Silence (Live)

Because it is a story many of us can relate to. A real story. Not of domestic romance but of the pain and trauma of love and family relationships over a lifetime. I contend that these strengths might well have been lost had she acquiesced to the demands of market driven romance novels. And I applaud her for standing up in the face of that. Daisychains of Silence is available in Kindle format. Find out more about Catherine McLeod.