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The church has allowed lesser things to become more important than "the greatest of all our needs. Likewise, when we receive the Spirit, it will be seen by the lives we live and the burden we have for the lost. In Adventism's Greatest Need, Dr. Ron Clouzet shares a compelling conviction that the Holy Spirit is poised and ready to reignite an end-time people in their quest for true godliness.

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Born and raised in Argentina, Dr. Clouzet is finishing postdoctoral research in Systematic Theology from the University of South Africa, studying the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the writings and experience of Ellen G. Clouzet is married to Lisa Clouzet, and they have three young adult children, Christoffer, Alexander, and Stefani. It was a remarkable experience that galvanized our community; receiving those stories from one another was akin to a sacrament. We have one other tradition that I think has much to do with the success of our class.

There are four or five teachers who share the teaching of the class with me, and we are all afforded the same opportunity to present a complete lesson before the discussion of it begins.

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The lessons are generally minutes in length, and the follow up discussion is about the same length of time. This has allowed us to develop a rigorous tradition of discussion, but always in response to carefully crafted lessons containing solid scholarship and content. I suspect that most of our class members would point to this as the greatest value of our weekly study together.

Question: We all fret about our children, for whom the church is no longer a near-automatic option. I often hear you mention your own two children, and express the hope the church will not let them down. What are the most important things we Adventists can do for our kids? Answer: It seems to me that the young people I talk to — whether they are my own young adult children and their friends, the young producers, designers, and content creators we work with, or our clients in various organizations and institutions — all seem to be asking the same basic questions.

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Whether they are believers deciding whether to carry their faith into their adult lives, or people encountering faith and spirituality for the first time, they focus on three constellations of concern. Failing to answer yes to this question — in language and practice — effectively signals where the relationship is going to go. Galatians has never been a more significant rubric than it is for our relationships with the ascendant generations. While we may immediately think about the faith-science discussion and that one is very high on the list for some of them , they bring a much broader agenda to the table.

There seems to be a genuine need among them for relationships with adults who are willing to forge relationships that are non-judgmental and not defensive.

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This seems to be the portal that drives a lot of other things, such as engagement with the local church in a class or activity. The global conversations they hear around them — about the environment, climate change, and global economics, as well as questions about justice, poverty, and inequity — sadly are topics in which the church seems only mildly interested. And they extend this query into questions about our life as a church, too.

If an Adventist education is so important, why does it cost so much? Are you really willing to have an intelligent and honest conversation that provides room for differences and doubts — or are you asking us to set our own questions aside and just accept your answers?

Adventism's Greatest Need : The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

How long can you seriously ignore the calling, character, and convictions of women and expect that it will not be noticed? What kind of stewardship is this? Is there any way that we can, at that meeting, take steps toward the equality ideal? Answer : I find it remarkable that the Lord left no instructions about what to do when the Jewish culture out of which Christianity arose no longer made sense to non-Jewish converts.

He was forcing the church to depend on and here we see His abundant grace and foresight the leading of the Holy Spirit, which was what He promised we would receive. David Jeremiah.

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